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Sakinah Ishmael

Director of Operations

Known for spearheading community projects, Sakinah took the lead on establishing the first Islamic based co-op in our South Jersey area. Over the years of teaching her children, Sakinah has LEARNED many things. She believes young children should be given time to play, create, and be involved in real-life situations from which they can learn. Also that as parents we need to reshape our minds and invest in ourselves in order to properly guide our children. The foundation of her home education process is reading. Through reading, you truly engage your children and awaken their minds. You also teach them to be life long learners. Sakinah recommends reading to your children aloud and have them learn to read books which are well-written, engaging, and invite the reader inside. By teaching through the lives and events of the characters, places and history and not dull academic drills and facts; children become more interested in the learning process. Sakinah works in the field of human serves and has training in humanistic, life skills, peer & person-centered counseling. She also serves as a breastfeeding support specialist. She offers a very different perspective as a working mother & homeschooler. Sakinah takes great comfort and confidence in her ability to homeschool her children and continues to be passionate about encouraging mothers to homeschool.

Sakinah Ishmael: TeamMember
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