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What Makes Our Co-op Thrive

We wanted a community of like-minded homeschooling families who shared similar morals and beliefs. We wanted mother to mother support and a chance for our children to establish meaningful relationships. We wanted to build a Muslim homeschooling community in our region and offer great educational opportunities for our children. 

Most of our workshops are geared towards electives or special areas of study. Parents work together to lead in the subjects and age groups they feel most equipped. We bring in professional instructors to teach exciting workshops our children would not otherwise have access to. Within our group we all work together to make the co-op experiences positive for the children. All of the parents are passionate about their homeschooling mission and it’s just so encouraging to be around these dedicated mothers!

For some parents-especially those just starting their journey-Homeschooling can be overwhelming! Within our group there are several moms who have gained experience through trial and error. It helps to be on this journey with several confident tour guides. Learning about other families and listening to their different homeschooling journeys is inspiring. There’s a great mix of homeschooling styles and personalities within our group and we love that!

Getting to know about all the different cultures and backgrounds has been such a blessing to all of us. Our diversity is one of the things that sets our co-op apart from many others. We have the responsibility to recognize and structure our environment to  reflect our families differences. This concept encourages the appreciation of a diverse world, and brings a sense of connection and respect between disparate cultural heritages within the community. It is certainly in the best interest of our children and parents to focus on the beauty of our diversity. Recognizing and acknowledging our differences is part of treating everyone fairly, equally and adds to the richness of our co-op experience.

The mother to mother support is amazing and we have become sisters. We look after each other's children as our own. This mother to mother support is based on the belief that when parents receive support from their peers, they are more likely to feel better about themselves and their parenting abilities. We are all trying to figure things out as we go along. It helps to have other mothers around who understand what you are going through, many who have been through similar challenges. Its also awesome to be able to share in each others victories and celebrate our children's milestones together. 

We now have a monthly ladies night where we get together to enjoy each others company outside of the children's play dates. This social outing allows mothers the opportunity to use their experience to help others and provide a place to socialize, connect and network, which can help to reduce stress. Our network of mothers provide a powerful community of support and valuable resources for each other. We have the opportunity to benefit from the unique connection that exists among homeschooling families. A connection and experience that most other parents don't understand. This night for just us ladies, allows us to relax, unwind and have fun together. All the while giving each other encouragement and sharing ideas to help continue our plight. In turn we are able to return home restored and rejuvenated ready to interact with our children in responsive and productive ways, so everyone benefits! 

Muslim Homeschoolers Co-op has a dedicated community of fathers who take an active role in their children’s lives. Our co-op has been instrumental in bringing fathers together in person who ordinarily would have not formed friendships. Dads with intense work schedules, work from home dads, freelance dads, blue collar dads, white collar dads and fathers who come from drastically different backgrounds, come together to socialize and interact with each other at our homeschool co-op events. We recognize that fathers are a great support and play an integral role in the homeschooling lifestyle. We want them to enjoy the fruits of their labor and see the benefit of all homeschooling has to offer.

We vow to continue the safe space to share ideas, resources, frustrations and successes. Muslim Homeschoolers is THE ONLY Muslim faith based co-op of its kind here in New Jersey. We pledge to offer emotional support and a venue for sharing of information, strategies and resources. We are committed to providing an opportunity for families to learn new skills, set new goals, and develop into a strong group of family leaders in the homeschooling community. If you are looking for a homeschooling group of parents with common values, experiences, and challenges that come together to help themselves by helping each other, our co-op is for you.

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