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Moving with Mothers & Nature

Muslim Homeschoolers' is a dedicated Mother to Mother Support Group! Most of the time, moms are so caught up taking care of everybody, that they forget about themselves. When we get together for ladies' events we have a chance to connect with our peers. Just because you are a mother does not mean that you have to let yourself go to benefit your family! Taking time to rest and refresh your body and mind allows you to be better mothers, teachers, and wives.

When we started Muslim Homeschoolers we knew we wanted it to be just as much for the mothers as for the children. Our co-op provides an essential community of families with like minded morals and unique talents. We learn & grow together through positive reinforcements, resources and supports.

With the stress of the world around us in our current climate we had to find a way to get us back together without sacrificing the safety of our families. We had numerous families reaching out to us over the extended break asking us how we will move forward. What we noticed, was that many of the mothers are feeling mentally, emotionally and physically overwhelmed.

We reached out to our friend Afia Yunus esq, Who has been passionately falling in love with Yoga. What resonated with us was the sense of peace and relaxation that those come to know while practicing yoga.

So we now bring you:

Moving with Mothers & Nature!

What a great way to socialize while practicing social distancing and breathing clean fresh air and connecting with nature!

Yoga @ Home!

Here are a few benefits & tips on keeping a health yoga routine at home to keep you body intune. Check in with us and let us know if you have been able to make yoga part of your selfcare routine! Doing yoga at home costs little to no money because all you need is a comfortable mat, water & a routine.

1. Make it part of your morning routine!

Moms doing yoga know the benefits of waking up at early. You not only get some extra time alone before the kids are up but this time is also peaceful and conducive for reflection which requires concentration. Some days you might not feel like waking up, but the good news is you don’t have to do it daily, and it will only take about 15- 30 minutes. This is a great way to start your day with a fresh mind and relaxed body.

2. Yoga with Littles!

If you can't commit to a morning routine Yoga can be easy and fun when the kids are involved. Teach them early about the benefits of taking care of their body and practicing mindfulness. Try starting a mommy & me routine before or after lunch. You will be able get your exercise while keeping an eye on them. Yoga for moms and kids is a great way to spend time and strengthen your bond through a fun activity.

3. Yoga Exercises!

Afia Yunus offers inexpensive virtual yoga classes to keep you connected and feeling your best in the comfort of your own home. There are also Apps & free Youtube Videos to show you exercises for all levels. It is our goal to do a Moving with Mothers & Nature outdoor Yoga session every 6 weeks or so to check in and stay socially connected. Visit our website to register & bring a friend!

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