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Angie El-Dekki

Director of Education

Angie began the lifelong journey as a home educator four years ago. Her ultimate mission as a homeschooling mom is to inspire lifelong learning and empower her children. She identifies primarily as a “respectful parent”, following the basic principles of RIE parenting. Through this approach she encourage self-directed play, allow natural development of motor and cognitive skills, and create clear boundaries without the use of shaming or punishment, among other things. Angie follows a blend of Charlotte Mason, Montessori, and Waldorf philosophies in her homeschool. Angie and her husband incorporates these philosophies through emphasis on teaching practical life skills and manners and spending large amounts of uninterrupted time exploring nature. She is a lover of all things science She has over ten years of experience working in laboratories and veterinary hospitals with a strong background in scientific and technical writing. Angie enjoys reading, crafting, and quiet evenings with family. Since joining  Muslim Homeschoolers, Angie has consistently brought a passion and dedication to each day of co-op. Your child will find his or her place right away in any STEM-centered workshop taught by Angie, guaranteed.

Angie El-Dekki: TeamMember
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