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Our Spring semester will start on February 18. 
The co-op will be in session for 9 weeks and we will conclude before Ramadan!

 Muslim Homeschoolers

 Muslim Homeschoolers Co-op is a  homeschool group with the desire to build relationships and community among homeschool families in the South Jersey area. We offer an inexpensive social, as well as an educational experience, for both the students and the parents through our workshops and activities. Our co-op is a family affair, not a drop-off program. Parents work together to lead workshops in the subjects and age groups they feel most equipped. We also bring in professional instructors to teach exciting workshops our children would not otherwise have access to. Classes are taught from the Muslim perspective and are geared to enhance what the students are learning at home. We want you to come to find your place with us. Words can only describe our homeschooling network but so much. A visit will let you experience it. Learn about our families, community impact, and how we support our children here at Muslim Homeschoolers.

Spring Co-op

February 18, 2020

Our goal is to foster an environment of encouragement, security, and growth in families as well as education for our children. We will offer exceptional core and enrichment workshops to meet the needs of homeschooling families while building character and a place for social activities. Our purpose is to encourage and strengthen families and children by providing this type of service.


Here's a look at our Fall session!

Dream. Challenge. Succeed.

 Muslim Homeschoolers provides an integrated workshop schedule of learning through exploration, vigor, and self-reflection. In every workshop, our Leads emphasize the strategies and processes involved in learning and self-growth, creating a unique opportunity to prepare our students to live thoughtful, creative, and fulfilling lives in a rapidly changing society. Register for our hands-on, innovative workshops and allow your children to take part in a unique, challenging learning experience.

Littles —led by Nadyah

Ages 0-24 mo

Little ones will learn through child-centered educational play geared toward Montessori style learning and character development. Students will explore nature themes, build practical life skills, and explore Islamic ethics in meaningful and engaging ways. Learners in this workshop can look forward to being engaged through sensory activities, song, movement, puppet theater and more.

Playschool —led by Umm Hannah

Ages 2-3

The playschool workshop will explore Language, Mathematics, Science and Islamic Studies through play-based learning. They will foster their fine and gross motor skills with fun and stimulating hands-on activities. This workshop will also encourage creativity and participation through Arts and Crafts, Rhythm and Movement.

Primary —led by Safiyyah & Najibah

Ages 4-5

Developmentally the Primary workshop will have learning activities that will reflect each child’s individuality & creativity. Children will explore learning concepts in reading, writing, math, spirituality & artistic expression for critical growth in all cognitive areas.

Omar’s Morning Tafsir —led by Omar Odeh

Building a Connection to Quran

Omar will help your children connect with the passages of the Quran. This will bring about understanding of the greatness of Allah's words and teach them powerful lessons and morals to live by. 

The Quran is the Muslim's book of guidance, offering detailed accounts of specific divine & historical events, and it  emphasizes the moral significance for mankind over its narrative sequence.

A short but powerful way to start our mornings off right! 

  • Sep 12th, 17th, 26th ,

  • Oct 1st, 10th, 15th, 24th, 29th

  • Nov 7th, 12th 

S.T.E.M. —led by Angie

Exceptional Learning Experience

In this workshop, children will explore the basic principles of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Using the Ask, Imagine, Create, Improve model, children will complete fun self-directed group challenges. These challenges will stimulate and enhance their creative and critical thinking.
Children can look forward to several special guests.

Archery —led by Amira 

Sunnah Sports

Archery is a fun, safe, and exciting sport that has been enjoyed by all ages for centuries, fostering both mental and physical discipline.

The Prophet {PBUH} once passed by some people of the tribe of Bani Aslam who were practicing archery. The Prophet  said:

“O Bani Isma`il ! Practice archery as your father Isma`il was a great archer. Keep on throwing arrows and I am with Bani so-and-so.”

The Art of Gems & Jewels —led by Zaynabou

A Girl's Delight

In The Art of Gems & Jewels course, young ladies will learn how to adorn themselves from the inside out, with the virtues & wisdom learned from the Light of Muhammad s.a.w., and weekly lessons which help them to observe the many manifestations of Al-Musawwir~ The Fashioner, Shaper & Bestower of Forms, in the way that natural born women around the world enjoy their femininity & celebrate their womanhood.

Things to expect:
*Weekly Jewelry Making

*Exploring the art of Femininity

*Healthy Womanhood/Sisterhood Development Discussions

*Mother/daughter rite of passage lessons/assignments

Athletics —led by True North Instructor

Boys' Physical Development & Defense

True North Fitness center will be training our boys on circuit courses.  It will be a fun and interactive way for the boys to get physically active. Fitness courses consist of several stations with different activities for students to rotate through in short periods of time. Circuit courses are a great way to integrate aerobic fitness with muscular endurance and flexibility activities.

Creative Writing —led by Sarai

Elements of Poetry

In this creative writing workshop, we will be exploring elements of poetry. Students will be given a chance to delve into the art and craft of poetry in a way that is fun, creative, and inspiring, with opportunities to create and explore diverse works. They will learn how to use tools such as rhyme and imagery to compose meaningful poetry and expand their creative possibilities.

Storytelling —led by Sarai

An Art Form

In Storytelling 101, we will answer the question, what makes a good story? Our youth will learn some components of meaningful storytelling and will be given the opportunity to create Islamic adaptations of classic folktales. This workshop will bring together elements of, oral storytelling, creative writing, character development and performance.

Mind Your Manners 

—led by Dorlisa Goodrich Young

Prim & Proper

A Certified Children’s Etiquette Consultant, will teach children basic dining and social etiquette over the span of four weeks. Each visit will include a dining lesson using their own lunches, plus a lesson with topics ranging from proper introductions, thank-you notes, table manners, telephone etiquette, how to handle an emergency, and overall good manners for society.

Ceramics —led by Mary Ellen Stanzilis

Exceeding Expectations

Children will learn the fundamentals of hand-building ceramic projects, creating forms from clay with their hands and fingers. With the expert guidance of Mary Ellen Stanzilis, Markeim Arts Center instructor, they will create a functional and decorative clay piece every two weeks inspired by the work of a famous artist.

Theatrics —led by Leslie McManus

Introduction to Theater

Owner of Do it Big Productions, Leslie McManus, has a passion for theater and recently starred in the local play Matilda. In this performing arts workshop, she’ll provide children with a general overview of theater including stage movement, pantomime, and improvisation. Theater education can help develop self-confidence, imagination, social awareness, and communication skills. Equipped with teaching aids and props, Leslie has a passion for working with homeschool communities. 

Unit 1 – What is Theater?
Students will explore the question “what is theater?” and analyze it by comparing to film & television.
Unit 2 – Stage Movement
​Students are introduced to stage directions, and how actors move on stage.
Unit 3 – Voice
Students will explore posture and breathing exercises, as well as, how to use the diaphragm, projection, and articulation.
Unit 4 – Pantomime
Students will explore non-verbal communication through movement, body language, simple mime, and storytelling.
Unit 5 – Improvisation
​Students will sharpen their listening skills through improv games, exercises and scenes.
The study will culminate with short program where the students will display what they have learned.

For more information on our courses, rates and availability, feel free to contact us.


Our Values

At South Jersey Muslim Homeschoolers we understand that each of our children has individual wants and needs. We believe that learning can only be fostered from a feeling of mutual respect, guidance, and direction. We do our very best to maintain these values. Our unique approach supplies our children with the proper support system that will help lead them down the path to success.


Project Lead Workshops

Enroll in our hands-on, innovative workshops and take part in a unique, challenging learning experience. Our mothers serve as facilitators in the course, guiding children through exploring and individual learning. Give us a call if you want to learn more.

Consistent Encouragement

Workshop Leads at  Muslim Homeschoolers will go out of their way to engage the children and inspire them to inquire and learn. This method gives our children a chance to apply their unique skills and expand their horizons by learning something new. Email us today if you want to learn more.