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VIP Co-op Families

Thank you for embracing the challenge!

The transformative learning process at Muslim Homeschoolers has been designed to help our co-op grow into a thriving community. Muslim Homeschoolers, with the permission of Allah and the help of your dedicated families, will be filled with opportunities to experience new educational and social situations to further development. Together we have created a safe and open setting, where we can guide our children in exploring the world around them.

We are working diligently to have Muslim Homeschoolers fulfill our aspirations of a flourishing educational cooperative. We will be adding more specialized programs to supplement your homeschooling experiences. With our new enhanced model, pricing will have to go up to cover the cost of these quality added services. But not for our VIP families. Your co-op tuition of $100 registration & $10 per co-op day, with a 10% discount for each additional child will remain the same for the life of Muslim Homeschoolers!

Unfortunately, the current tuition has only been able to cover the costs of basic workshop materials & one "Passionate Professional" to come in and teach a workshop. However, our services and support have risen dramatically. We want to be able to offer incentives to mothers who lead workshops! In order to attract and retain our families, we would love to offer a decent compensation package. We are homeschoolers first, we understand the financial sacrifices being made for your family.

This is our way of saying thank you for embracing the challenge of getting this co-op off the ground. For showing up for us and helping as needed! We value and appreciate each of our families and we hope you continue to learn and grow with us! Please see VIP pricing below! As an extra bonus new co-op tees will be included with your registration.

We welcome monetary and supply donations!

Please reach out with any questions or concerns>